LymphChip PI Meeting, October 25th, 2021

October 25, 2021

On October 25, 2021 the principal investigators of LymphChip gathered online to discuss amongst others the recruitment of PhD students and postdocs (we do have vacancies, please keep an eye on the vacancies page on our website) and the kick-off meeting that is scheduled for February 15, 2022.

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First research paper LymphChip published

First research paper LymphChip published

July 17, 2023
Ulgu Arslan, Christine Mummery, Valeria Orlova and co-authors have published the first research paper of LymphChip entitled “Vascularized hiPSC-derived 3D cardiac microtissue on chip”. The paper has been published in Stem Cell Reports and is publicly available. This paper was also featured on the cover of the July 11, 2023 issue. Please find the publication […]

Pratik Tawade is selected for the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings in Physiology and Medicine. 

April 14, 2023
The KNAW has nominated Pratik Tawade as a young scientist to participate in the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings in Physiology and Medicine. This meeting will occur from 25-30 June 2023 in Lindau, Germany.  Since its foundation in 1951, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings have developed into a unique international scientific forum. The annual meetings […]
Helpathon LymphChip

Helpathon LymphChip

March 16, 2023
From May 22-24 LymphChip will organize a Helpathon in the O2 Building of VUmc. If you want to help Sue, Margot, Valeria, Jasper and Germaine finding animal-free alternatives for FCS and Matrigel please sign up via this link. All help, both negative and positive results are welcome. For more information please see here.
3rd prize for Theano Tsikaro of LymphChip at hDMT meeting

3rd prize for Theano Tsikari of LymphChip at hDMT meeting

November 25, 2022
The annual meeting of hDMT was held in Amersfoort and attracted may researchers from the organ-on-chip field. As part of the program a PhD student Spotlight competition was organized to give PhD students the opportunity to present their research with a short video.
3rd Technology Seminar on the generation of phenotypic assays

3rd Technology Seminar on the generation of phenotypic assays

November 8, 2022
Sei Hien Lim from AIM Biotech gave a seminar to illustrate the applications of their idenTx and organiX plates in the fields of oncology, immune-oncology, vascular biology and neurobiology.

Autumn Tour LymphChip

October 26, 2022
From September 20 till October 26, in total 18 PhD students, postdocs and technicians of the academic partners of LymphChip joined a tour consisting of site visits to all the academic labs.
Annual Meeting LymphChip

Annual Meeting LymphChip 

October 20, 2022
On October 20-21 the Annual Meeting of LymphChip was hosted by VUMC in Amsterdam. In total 36 members of LymphChip participated representing the academic partners, co-financing partners and the Advisory Board.
2nd Technology Seminar on the use of Primo

2nd Technology Seminar on the use of Primo

June 7, 2022
Hélène Delobel from Alvéole presented a technology seminar on the use of Primo for photopatterning applications with many practical examples as published in the literature. Dhanesh Kasi from LUMC shared his experience with Primo further highlighting the advantage of the use of Primo to prototype chip designs and engineer microvascular networks.
Optics11 Naointender at LUMC

Optics11 Nanoindenter at LUMC

May 5, 2022
We are thrilled with Chiaro Nanoindenter installed in our PRIMO (Alveolé) microfabrication lab at LUMC.  We look forward to exploring the mechanical properties of engineered heart tissues and hydrogels as a part of the LymphChip project.
Screenshot Nostics voor Technol Seminar May 3 2022

1st Technology Seminar on Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

May 3, 2022
Vincent Laban, co-founder and CEO of Nostics partner of LymphChip presented a technology seminar on their  Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy technology. This Technology Seminar was the first in a series where the industrial partners of LymphChip present their technology to the members of LymphChip.